Monday, September 04, 2006

Bruce Wagner's Biography

Bruce graduated from Bishop Rosecrans High School in Zanesville , OH . He has lived in the Palm Beach , FL area, Detroit MI area, Chicago , IL area, Manhattan , NY area. He is gay and has been with his life partner, Edward Gel, since the end of 1995. His life ambition is to be the “next white, male, fat, gay Oprah.” Bruce's heroes include Oprah, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump, although his heroes would change on a daily basis based on what he had watched on his Tivo the night before. His religion is Unity. He enjoys putting together detailed daily routine programs and frequently fails to meet his goals. He frequently subscribes to the most recent dieting fad, such as The Perricone Prescription, but never lasts more than a few days on the diet; again, he frequently fails to meet his goals. Bruce is also addicted to caffeine; he uses caffeine pills and drinks coffee and Diet Coke throughout the day. He frequently tries to “quit caffeine”, but as you can guess, he is back on in just a few days. Bruce loves to be the center of attention and enjoys demeaning others to make himself look better. This is especially true with his life partner Ed. He loves iPods and Palm Treo smartphones. The first iPod he bought was in Chicago at the Apple Store on Michigan Ave. But take a look at his blog and website and you will see many more of his idiotic obsessions.

During the late 1970's, Bruce says he was on tour with celebrity Neil Sedaka and was his gay lover for a time and traveled around the world. Bruce was suspected to be a Communist supporter and may have convinced Neil to go on tour throughout various Communist counties. We believe this is when he first developed his fetish for Cubans, which eventually led him to his current partner, Edward. Neil Sedaka did come to visit the Bold Funding offices and met with Bruce and Ed and all of the employees. The occasion was a Neil Sedaka concert that night in Chicago in 2004. Bruce said he spent time in China and learned the language. His interest in the language was primarily in its variety of tone and pitch to create different words and meaning based on the sound of the word being spoken. Many times we would hear Bruce hooting and yodeling as he twitched his shoulders. He claimed he was speaking Chinese.

Bruce claims to have started a software development company and to have sold the company right before the tech bubble burst in early 2000. No real evidence of this ever existed and Bruce didn't seem to understand the first thing about software development. Hid did, however, have a health insurance statements listing him as an employee or independent contractor for a software firm, but not an owner. The insurance was provided by United Healthcare.

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The Real Bruce Wagner of The Bruce Wagner Show

Bruce Wagner of The Bruce Wagner Show has been a lying, deceitful, manipulating, and dishonest criminal for nearly his entire adult life (At least in our opinion...and many many others!). This website and our blog here is dedicated to help people learn the truth about Bruce Wagner. We intend to publicize the website to anyone and everyone who is somehow connected to Bruce Wagner. We hope that you contact Bruce Wagner and let him know that he is no longer a welcome face in your home or place of business and we invite you to send your own personal stories about Bruce Wagner.

We all agree that criminals such as Bruce Wagner have no place in today's society and we will do everything within our power to prevent Bruce Wagner from influencing, or gaining the trust of others.